Today's Engine Technology


For teaching engine technology of today, modern demonstration engines which allow tests under realistic circumstances are essential. We mount up-to-date vehicle engines as ready-to-start demonstration engines. Also vehicle engines supplied by the customer can be prepared according to the customers specifications.

Example from the A-Class:

Turbo Diesel engine, 4 cylinders
Daimler Chrysler, Type: A 170 CDI
fully controlled exhaust gas turbocharging system
charge air intercooler with separate ventilator
common rail direct injection
CDI engine control
exhaustgas recirculation system (EGR)
diesel catalytic converters

mounted on RWB truck

Picture with error switchboard

Further current engines:

Our demonstration engines are


  • modelspecific error switchboard
  • preparation for extended exhaust gas examinations
  • equipment for measuring temperatures, pressures and flows etc.
    e.g. for thermal balance or p-V-diagram